About Me

Before I decided to go solo and start my own cleaning business, I had previously been employed by 2 different companies over the course of 3 years. Through hard work I realised I had quite a flare for it and enjoyed the end result, not just seeing the transformations but helping people out. After having numerous positive customer feedback I decided to go solo and set up my own cleaning business.

Although I have been cleaning for several years in Stafford, my business has been going from strength to strength in Shrewsbury for over 2 years, building my client base up from scratch.  I am not a cleaner that cuts corners, or rushes to get in and out in a flash just to get the job done.

I pride myself in the high standard of work that I carry out and hope that this is reflected in the work my customers see when my team and I have completed a job. I’m looking forward to seeing where this journey takes me and whats to come in the future for Queen of Cleans.